Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your batch size limits or minimum?
A: We are always happy to look at all jobs weather its in a pre-production state (prototype), 1 or 10 offs or full production run 100’s – 1000’s.

Q: Can you work along side our design team for manufacturing or pre design?
A: We are always happy and welcome to work along side any design team for consulatancy on any pre manufacturing. weather its drawing/model related stages ormanufacturingstages.

Q:Can you source raw castings/material leading to a delivered finished part?
A: Yes we can, we have a wide range of sourcing, weather its low pressure castings needed, or high pressure Aluminium castings. We can even design and make any required Moulds.
We can even cater for heat treatment, part grinding and other finishing & Assembly of parts.

Q:What Materials do you machine?
A: We are always happy to machine a wide range of materials,
From common Steel & Stainless Steels Grades, plastics & Aluminium, through to high grades of tool steels (pre hard & soft), high grades of plastic (peek, PTFE, Nylon (Glass filled, Oil Filled) etc etc

Q:Do you supply just UK suppliers?
A: No we do not, we in fact have a very wide range non UK customers around the world that use us. we welcome any and all enquiries and we even supply some of the biggest multi national names in the industries.

Q: DO your Lathes have bar feeds or chucks?
A: all our CNC lathes are equipped with full length (4m) bar feeds for feeding work materials to minimize material use and waste allow unmanned machining. we can also work with chucks (powered grip & Manuals) for billet parts or machining of castings.